Business Services

With these additional services, Spectrum Insurance Group can become your one-stop source for a full range of insurance, HR services, benefits and payroll needs. By working with Spectrum Insurance Group, you can optimize the speed, efficiency and accuracy of your HR, payroll and benefits administration processes. You can also do so on an "a la carte" basis which means you won't be paying for added services that your company has no need for.

HR & Workforce Services

Let's face it: as an HR & benefits professional, your skill set is less about time-consuming paperwork, manual correspondence with benefit vendors, and administrative tasks and more about hiring talented individuals, leadership & organizational development, and promoting the well-being of the employees at your company. Consider Spectrum Insurance group as a solution to seamlessly integrating your HR, Payroll & Benefits administration.

Integrate your HR, Payroll and Benefits Administration and expect these results:

  • Reduced administrative costs... with significant savings per employee per month
  • More accurate enrollments, premiums, and claims processing
  • Redundancy eliminated... changes made to HR and benefits data feed into payroll
  • Rapid enrollment with carriers and activation of benefit deductions in payroll
  • Straightforward carrier invoice reconciliation
  • Enhanced 24/7 communication to employees
  • Less repetitive benefit questions from employees
  • More time to focus on important strategies

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Flexible Benefits / Section 125

Among the more traditional plan designs offered by Spectrum Insurance Group, our third party administrator for pre-tax health account programs, simplifies plan administration, gives you more time to focus on making your business successful and removes the headaches commonly associated with the following benefit plans:

  • Premium Only Plans
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Health Reimbursement Arrangements
  • Health Savings Accounts

These plans provide your clients and their employees with incredible tax savings opportunities. Employees that participate in this type of plan can expect an increase in their purchasing power without costing your client more money.

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Cobra Plan Administration

Did you know that the vast majority of companies in the United States are out of compliance with COBRA regulations? Why risk it? The penalties are steep. Spectrum Insurance Group & its partners can manage the process for you with our COBRA administrative services.

We will coordinate every aspect of COBRA administration, from start to finish. For payroll clients, this process is completely seamless due to direct integration between COBRA and payroll systems. We will manage all necessary communications, notices, forms, and record keeping.

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